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The Journey of the Antique Pedal Cars

Let’s take a trip in time to the antique pedal car of the 1800’s. The pedal car evolved from being built with scraps around the house into a commercially manufactured car to play with. Pedal cars were played with by rich and poor kids with the difference being in a homemade pedal car versus a high quality manufactured line of pedal cars.

The design of pedal cars has followed the decades often reflecting the romantic notions of the time about full size cars. The 1920’s era saw heavier and larger toy cars. While in the 1940’s there were manufacturers that hired regular full size automobile designers for creating a pedal car design streamlined and speedy. By the 50’s these toy pedal cars were so popular that they were usually visible in some form of advertisement. With sadness though, in the 1970’s the ever lasting metal pedal car was replaced by the plastic one.

But all memories of a long lasting pedal car built to last 30 years or more has not gone to waste as there again are consumers seeking steel made pedal cars. There are wonderful styles full of detail that match the original pedal cars and they are being produced today. They are being made in many forms not just cars. There are pedal vehicles like:
* Flyers
* Planes
* die cast models of the pedal cars

And the wonderful thing about these long lasting toys, even the love for the original pedal toys that are collected by individuals or museums, is that they have evoked memories of our childhood. It is often a toy that people remember having when they were a child. It brings back memories of that first car, memories of that first toy car the one that helps to put a smile on a youngsters face. It is the kind of toy coveted and wished upon by many a kid of the past. So much so that people are now buying these sturdy creations for their kids today.

This is one of the few toys made to last. Made to be passed down from one generation to the next generation. A true heirloom and a wonderful gift that will transcend time. There are even adults buying these cars for themselves. Toy collectors buy them, kids a heart buy them, and it is no wonder with the fun involved and the fire truck bells or the fast moving sleek race car you just have to yearn for some play time. So whether you want to buy a new pedal car for a toy or a future antique you can’t go wrong with an all steel construction of the truly collectible antique pedal car meant to last a lifetime.

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