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Livelygram – A new rising rival for Facebook?

Is the time for Facebook in India getting up?

Facebook, a name which is know by everyone around the 195 countries in world.

Many people, specially teens are deeply addicted to Facebook. Weather we are going somewhere, meeting someone, celebrating any occasion or expressing our feelings, everything we do on Facebook. But now it seems Facebook took our faith and believe for granted. In recent time we are made aware of how Facebook is using our data, by selling them to top advertising agencies. They are not taking our privacy seriously.

facebook privacy policy

For instance, try something in your web browser and after that start using Facebook, you will notice that similar products or services are started showing in news feeds. Many people even clams that while your phone is on standby mode, kept ideal, and near by your phone you are talking to your friend about some product, and after a while same product start showing on Facebook feeds…?…does it means Facebook is listening to your conversation even when you are not using it?!?


Now coming to Facebook owned Whatsapp, many people started switching to Signal, Telegram or similar platforms which are more focused on keeping your privacy on top, after controversial Whatsapp privacy policy update of sharing user data with facebook ads.


Now its time for switching from Facebook too? In this context a new company from India is getting ready to launch a privacy focused platform, ‘Livelygram’, a much simple and smooth interface and with all most all features Facebook has, but with no ads or user data sharing or selling.

Livelygram is currently in beta phase, and inviting users to start testing their platform.

Personal Experience: I have tested the platform myself and found that its really going to give competition to Facebook. A simple signup process where you do not require to use your phone number, i click sign in from Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin and VK. In a single interface you can post photos, videos, color background posts, location, sell products, post jobs, create a fundraising campaign and more, which i think is very good.
You can easily invite your friend and start chatting instantly. You don’t have to search to find different sections and setting, everything is can be accessed from front-end.

Overall i liked it.
They recently opened public registration, so go grab your account and start exploring.

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