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Giveaway: DVDFab Media Recover for DVD & Blu-ray

Have you ever faced hard drive error/failure, and lost your precious data of your DVD or Blu-ray, here is your option, today we bring you, DVDFab Media Recover for DVD & Blu-ray, which is a professional bundle for recovering the missing or lost data of your DVD or Blu-ray. This bundle has the ability to fix any errors caused by hard drive failures or computer failures. After the fixation with this recovery software, video files and file functions to be used as usual. Great value for money!

DVDFab Media Recover for DVD & Blu-ray is a tool that allows users to scan the ISO files and folders for damaged drives, damaged or corrupted media files, incomplete file structures, or unremoved protections, and quickly repair the files for smooth playback. With 3 repair modes and additional features such as automatic scans and file backup, restoring and protecting your media files has never been easier.

Why does your media content need to be repaired?

Damaged file paths that lead to storage read errors are unavoidable during the course of normal hard disk or NAS use. These errors can affect playback of stored media files, and DVDFab Media Recover for DVD & Blu-ray checks for these errors in original or copied files, such as those created with DVDFab Copy, and can repair errors as they are detected.

What type of errors could be fixed?

File errors or damage to may affect normal video function or even prevent playback. Fixing these errors will allow video files and file functions to be used as normal.

  • Structure Error

    Problems due to an incomplete structure of the files, with the lack of directory resulting in some hardware players being unable to play files.

  • Information Error

    Problems with the index files, including index.bdmv, playlist or clipinf files that can cause playback failure.

  • Video Playback Error

    Playback error in certain M2TS/VOB files, that causes freezing, being out of sync, a blurred or black screen, or inability to play.

  • BDJ Java Protection

    Errors with using the Blu-ray menu navigation to play normally, due to Java protection not being removed.

  • IFO File Error

    The problem in the index .IFO files that result in issues navigating correctly or being able to play a DVD after damage.

How does Media Recover repair your backup files?

  • Regular Auto Scan and Repair

    Stay on top of the damage to your media files with regularly scheduled scans and automatic repairs. Once detected, errors or file damage will be repaired immediately.

  • Smart Repair

    Smart Repair intelligently locates the main movie file during the scanning process, and checks if it is playable or damaged. This shortens scanning time while making sure all backups are ready to playback.

  • Safe Repair

    Upon detecting errors or file damage, Media Recover will first back up the original files in order to preserve the original file source in case of unexpected occurrences, before starting the repair process.

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